12 October 2012

Scoundrels - The First Five Years

"The First Five Years" (1981 - 1986)

Original "UFREETTOEMOEF" Demo Tape 1985
01. Change The Time
02. Public Places / Islam
03. Keep In Line
04. Why Look So Sad
05. You Should
06. Shelter
07. New Generation
08. Illusion
09. Status
10. Barby Butcher
11. Rocker
12. No Future
13. Burry Away
14. Staring Eyes

Demo 1981
15. Geld Is Hun God
16. Monarchy
17. Public Places
18. No Soul Show

Live @ Hotel de Roskam, Zundert 1986
19. Daydreamer
20. Right Or Wrong
21. So What
22. Why Look So Sad
23. Rocker
24. So Depressed

The Scoundrels from Zundert were one of the first hardcore bands to emerge from the Netherlands, if not THE first (their debut recordings were released in 1981, the year Lärm formed). Patrick Delabie played guitar and sang for this legendary unit and remastered these ancient tapes himself earlier this month. The zip file includes their 1985 demo tape "UFREETTOEMOEF" (including the artwork), the full 1981 demo (!) and some live songs from 1986 recorded at Hotel de Roskam in Zundert. After this they went on to release 2 awesome albums before splitting up a few years later. This is a must-have for everyone interested in 80's hardcore punk. Download it here:


30 September 2012

blckdth017: Some Mystery

Beach Eater
"Some Mystery" (2010)

01. Outghosted
02. Some Mystery Shit
03. Dead, Rabid
04. Moves

Antal Derene (The Unborn, Envy The West, Stockholm Syndrome, The Light Brigade) and Patrick Delabie (Studio 195, Mitch, Scoundrels, Half Mast) doing four awesome songs in the vein of Replacements, Big Star and Dinosaur Jr... This 7" is part of an awesome packagedeal right now! Download this one for free here (incl. 1 extra song that's not on the vinyl) and get the hard copy along with 4 more records for a ridiculous price via the other link down here:


04 September 2012

Righteous Pigs 1987

Righteous Pigs
1987 Demo + Live

01. Incontinent
02. Joint Effort
03. Celibate Tease
04. I Hope You Die In A Hotel Fire
05. Misconduct
06. Destined To Rot
07. Live '87

It looks like Righteous Pigs are reuniting for Maryland Deathfest 2013 which is pretty cool. I dug up their 1987 demotape and found a short live set from February that same year, recorded at the Elks Lodge in Las Vegas. Not exactly overproduced material to say the least, but surely awesome stuff. Zip file also includes some sick flyers. Get it here:


30 June 2012

blckdth016: Behind The Masquerade

"Behind The Masquerade" (2010)

01. Flooding The Mountains
02. Nomads On The Run
03. Where Death Do Us Start
04. Diamonds In Our Dreams
05. Hunt Of The Coyote
06. Riget
07. Ravens Ahead
08. Knives & Smiles
09. Mirrors

In 2010 Greyline re-invented themselves and with the help of Phillip Cope from Kylesa they produced these 9 songs somewhere between metal and rock with compact song structures. File under Mastodon, Neurosis and even Woven Hand:


17 May 2012

blckdth014: Adharma

"Adharma" (2009)

01. Season Of The Witch
02. Orchid
03. In Her Eyes
04. Variations On A Theme
05. Blinded By Fear

Recently, Fehler released their new album "Dissona" via Hammerheart Records. This release is a big step forward from their debut EP "Adharma" which we released in 2009. It's loud as fuck, you will enjoy if you dig bands like Cursed or Totalitär. Artwork by Michiel Eikenaar from Dodecahedron, Nihill and Dead Rivers. Download it for free right here:


30 October 2011

Black Death 2011 Evaluation

Various Artists
"Black Death 2011 Evaluation"

01. Envy The West - All I Know
02. Walker Diver - Outdoor Miner
03. All On Black - Won't Last Forever
04. Beach Eater - Moves
05. All Star Galaxy - Forever Endeavour
06. Greyline - If Vanity Fades
07. The Light Brigade - Loosen The Knot
08. Otis - Stupidity Afloat
09. Specimen - Exercise
10. Screw Houston Start Screaming - Struggles In The Night
11. The Unborn - The Abortionists
12. Men Of Mega - John Stamos On Meth
13. Half Mast - Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie

In 2011 we released 8 records and we are crazy proud of each and every one of 'em. We got more releases planned so keep an eye out for us in 2012. Here is an overview of what we did this year plus previews of things to come. Half of the songs are taken from the official releases, the other half is unreleased material. We even threw in a few tracks by some good friends of ours that haven't even got decent Black Death releases out (yet) but fuck that. About 80% of this compilation is recorded at Studio 195 so y'all know this sounds great. Dig in:


20 October 2011

Still Gone EP

All On Black
"Still Gone EP" (2008)

01. Learn To Live
02. Your House
03. Still Gone

To warm up for the All On Black debut album (to be released within a few weeks) we give you this EP from 2008. The title track has been re-recorded for the new album, albeit in a more polished form and without the retard from Otis doing backings on it. Check that version out right here:


08 October 2011

blckdth013: Storm Is Coming

"Storm Is Coming" (2009)

01. Two-Headed Giant
02. The More Flesh It Shows The Higher Up The Ladder It Goes
03. Drunken Boat
04. One Year From Now
05. Not Impressed By Your Gaping Wound
06. Blood Money
07. Murat Reis The Younger
08. Storm Is Coming
09. Cast The First Stone
10. Sinking Ship

Last week Otis and Greyline released an awesome split 12". You can download the opening track from the Otis side from one of the links below, as well as the rest of the Otis discography preceding this new record. The download featured right here is their second album "Storm Is Coming" which contains the hit song "Cast The First Stone" and which received raving reviews in the media a while back, comparing the band to Refused, Melvins, Black Flag, Sonic Youth and The Ex. Download all the old crap for free, and buy the new record before it's gone! Limited to only 250 white vinyl copies!

NEW 12" »

30 August 2011

Razzle Dazzle

"Razzle Dazzle" (2000)

01. I Need A Disguise
02. Mountain High
03. Favourite Teenage Punkrock Guy
04. Love U-Boot
05. Little Tiger Nose
06. Detective Story
07. Too Much To Handle
08. That's Alright
09. The Day Before The Day
10. Let Me In
11. Ever Say Ever Again
12. Near Life Experience
13. Sleeptalkin'
14. Off Guard

The past couple of months we have released two 12" records that go straight into the top 5 of best Black Death releases so far. The Light Brigade's "The History Of Light" and All Star Galaxy's "Forever Endeavour" contain a shitload of indie rock hits for everyone who likes artists such as Big Star, Guided By Voices, Love, Byrds, Beatles, Replacements, Johnny Cash, Hüsker Dü or Mitch. In fact, 90% of both new records are performed by ex-members of this last-mentioned band whose swang song "Razzle Dazzle" was released in the year 2000 and definitely stood the test of time. You can download it right here, and if you like it (of which I'm sure) you can still get it from our webshop, and of course we highly recommend the new efforts. Great stuff:


06 July 2011

blckdth012: Bordello

"Bordello" (2009)

01. Skimmerhorn
02. Pillars Of Destruction
03. Larvae Become Lice
04. Fire. Town.
05. I, General
06. Night Of The Long Knives
07. Blesser Mon Coeur Noir
08. Bordello
09. Line Up
10. Munich
11. Deadwood

Lugosi was a band that was around from 2007 to 2010, formed by ex-Bob Miller and ex-Dead Rivers members. In 2009 they recorded this excellent record at Studio 195, and they renamed themselves Black Salvador. It all didn't last and they split up for good in early 2011. Check out this album, if you like it order it from our webstore for almost no money, we still got a whole bunch of 'em left:


21 April 2011

ALL - Everything Sucks

"Everything Sucks" (1996)

01. Everything Sux
02. I'm The One
03. Destroy Everyone
04. Good As My Word
05. Sick-O-Me
06. Caught
07. When I Get Old
08. Until Then
09. She Loves Me
10. Hateful Notebook
11. If You Only Knew
12. Wrong Bed
13. Vida Blue
14. Away She Went
15. Never Again
16. Someone New
17. Silence
18. I Won't Let Me
19. Thank You

This weekend we're gonna see the DESCENDENTS live in London and because I'm so happy with that I uploaded the "Everything Sucks" demo recordings by ALL. That's right, not by the Descendents but by ALL with Chad Price on vocals. Also contains a bunch of songs that were later recorded for ALL's "Mass Nerder" album. You most definitely must hear this:


31 March 2011

Danzig first show

City Gardens, Trenton NJ (1988)

01. Samhain / Twist Of Cain
02. Mother Of Mercy
03. Am I Demon
04. London Dungeon
05. She Rides
06. Black Dream
07. End Of Time
08. To Walk The Night
09. Halloween II
10. Mother
11. The Hunter
12. Evil Thing
13. Horror Biz
14. The Shift
15. Trouble
16. Not Of This World

Yesterday I bought 6 tickets to the Danzig show in Eindhoven! Totally stoked about this, so today turned into Danzig day at work. Sorry colleagues. One of the things in the playlist was this bootleg recording of their first show. You can download it here, I also included some cool photos from that show in the zipfile:


24 March 2011

Otis 2006 Demos

"2006 Demos"

01. Frozen Solid Under Siege
02. Ex-Gladiator

To prepare for "Good Cop Bad Mood" (the album I posted earlier this month), Otis did a demo session at Studio 195 in 2006. These takes sound really great, in a way they are kinda laid back compared to the actual album versions. Download them here, I also included the download link to the album again:


15 March 2011

The Light Album

The Light Brigade
"The Light Album" (2004)

01. Take Care
02. Good Old Friends
03. Second Hand Heart
04. Moon Without A Planet
05. That Magic Sparkle
06. It's Something Else
07. Light Has Come
08. Wednesday Afternoon
09. So Long Suzanne
10. Feel Free To Fail
11. Go / Went / Gone
12. Signed Sincerely

In 2004 Gerton Govers and band released their first album. We will release a brand new 12" by the man and his new band (featuring Envy The West, Walker Diver and Beach Eater members!) pretty soon, get warmed up by downloading or buying this old album here:


02 March 2011

blckdth011: Good Cop Bad Mood

"Good Cop Bad Mood" (2007)

01. Frozen Solid Under Siege
02. Dogmata
03. Dead Air
04. Homecoming Queen
05. Spotting Wolverines
06. 10-108
07. Digging For Bad Weather
08. The Slow Herd
09. Hell Bent On Leaving
10. The Right To Remain Silent
11. Minor Setback
12. Atlanta
13. Ex-Gladiator

In 2007 Otis released their debut album. It was produced by Patrick Delabie & Vincent Koreman, and the front cover features John de Haas dressed up as a cop. These 3 ingredients, along with the 13 devastating noiserock / hardcore punk anthems on it make this a mighty fine first album. The press came up with comparisons to At The Drive-In, Refused, Snapcase, Fugazi and The Melvins and they were right on the money with that. Too bad the band itself was trying to sound like Queen. We got a few copies left so be quick if you still want to own one! If not, then just download it here:


11 February 2011

blckdth010: Going Down To The Basement

The B Sharps
"Going Down To The Basement" (2006)

01. Shooting At The Party
02. Keep Thinking Of You
03. Bikini Bandits
04. Come On Alright
05. Basement
06. I Did Your Mom
07. I Just Want You
08. Tonight
09. Still Got Your Picture
10. Biggest Store
11. I Did Your Mom [Karaoke Version]

This discography album contains 6 songs recorded at 195 plus 5 songs recorded at Rocketdog in Arnhem by Eppie Berzerker. The B Sharps' singer / guitarplayer Evert now drums for Dutch surflegends Beyond Lickin', the rest of the band fell of the grid. Evert is coming to Rockendale tomorrow to kick our asses at bowling so to get in the mood I'm posting this album here. If you dig the Ramones (who doesn't?) or Screeching Weasel you might wanna check it out:


04 February 2011

Car Chase EP

The Unborn
"Car Chase EP" (2011)

01. Car Chase
02. False Teeth
03. Kaputt

The Unborn's third album "Massavalpartij" will be out in a month or so. As a teaser to this release the band now gives you this free digital EP featuring a shitty editted version of the track "Car Chase" plus 2 never before released songs straight outta the vaults of Studio 195. All three songs are instrumental so I guess this is their "Process Of Weeding Out". This EP clocks in at 7 minutes all together while the new album barely lasts 10 minutes, so once again we have an Unborn release that makes no sense at all. Anyways, stay tuned for "Massavalpartij" (10 songs on a 7") later on, and grab this "Car Chase EP" including its super fancy artwork right here right now:


29 January 2011

Hospital Beds

Hospital Beds
Demo (2006)

1. Bad Year
2. The Revelator
3. Tombs Boy
4. Shades Of Gray
5. Easy Pain
6. Vapor
7. End Latin

In 2006, when Envy The West was on a break, Antal & Pim Derene formed Hospital Beds with Hans Wilders (Stockholm Syndrome, Lugosi) and recorded this demo at Studio 195. I think they handmade 50 copies of it which are long gone, just like the band itself. They made some great music. Here it is:


21 January 2011

blckdth009: Otis & Daily Fire split 10"

Otis / Daily Fire
Split 10" (2006)

Side A: Daily Fire
01. Die Messenger Die
02. My Sweetest Revenge

Side B: Otis
01. Be That As It May
02. Spotting Wolverines

Somewhere near the end of 2005 we formed Otis, wrote a few songs, booked Studio 195 and released the outcome on a split 10" with our good friends Daily Fire from Leiden. Daily Fire died a violent death last year, and since they didn't release anything after this 10" it is now their belated swan song. To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of this record Black Death is gonna re-issue the thing with new artwork (pictured here) soon so keep an eye out for that. Meanwhile, check it:


27 December 2010

blckdth008: Galg En Rad EP

Stockholm Syndrome
"Galg En Rad EP" (2004)

01. Top Of The Food Chain
02. Holy War
03. We Remain Silent While Our Friendships Bleed To Death
04. A.M. Rodeo
05. Miner
06. Earth Not A Globe

In 2004 Stockholm Syndrome recorded nine songs at Studio 195. Six of them ended up on this EP which was supposed to be the first in a trilogy. The other titles we had lined up were "Pek En Veren EP" and "Schering En Inslag EP", but as soon as we released the first part the band ceased to exist. We still got a whole bunch of these CD's in stock and are selling them for practically nothing, so order it from our store or grab the MP3 files here for free: