06 July 2011

blckdth012: Bordello

"Bordello" (2009)

01. Skimmerhorn
02. Pillars Of Destruction
03. Larvae Become Lice
04. Fire. Town.
05. I, General
06. Night Of The Long Knives
07. Blesser Mon Coeur Noir
08. Bordello
09. Line Up
10. Munich
11. Deadwood

Lugosi was a band that was around from 2007 to 2010, formed by ex-Bob Miller and ex-Dead Rivers members. In 2009 they recorded this excellent record at Studio 195, and they renamed themselves Black Salvador. It all didn't last and they split up for good in early 2011. Check out this album, if you like it order it from our webstore for almost no money, we still got a whole bunch of 'em left:


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