21 April 2011

ALL - Everything Sucks

"Everything Sucks" (1996)

01. Everything Sux
02. I'm The One
03. Destroy Everyone
04. Good As My Word
05. Sick-O-Me
06. Caught
07. When I Get Old
08. Until Then
09. She Loves Me
10. Hateful Notebook
11. If You Only Knew
12. Wrong Bed
13. Vida Blue
14. Away She Went
15. Never Again
16. Someone New
17. Silence
18. I Won't Let Me
19. Thank You

This weekend we're gonna see the DESCENDENTS live in London and because I'm so happy with that I uploaded the "Everything Sucks" demo recordings by ALL. That's right, not by the Descendents but by ALL with Chad Price on vocals. Also contains a bunch of songs that were later recorded for ALL's "Mass Nerder" album. You most definitely must hear this:


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