31 March 2011

Danzig first show

City Gardens, Trenton NJ (1988)

01. Samhain / Twist Of Cain
02. Mother Of Mercy
03. Am I Demon
04. London Dungeon
05. She Rides
06. Black Dream
07. End Of Time
08. To Walk The Night
09. Halloween II
10. Mother
11. The Hunter
12. Evil Thing
13. Horror Biz
14. The Shift
15. Trouble
16. Not Of This World

Yesterday I bought 6 tickets to the Danzig show in Eindhoven! Totally stoked about this, so today turned into Danzig day at work. Sorry colleagues. One of the things in the playlist was this bootleg recording of their first show. You can download it here, I also included some cool photos from that show in the zipfile: