02 March 2011

blckdth011: Good Cop Bad Mood

"Good Cop Bad Mood" (2007)

01. Frozen Solid Under Siege
02. Dogmata
03. Dead Air
04. Homecoming Queen
05. Spotting Wolverines
06. 10-108
07. Digging For Bad Weather
08. The Slow Herd
09. Hell Bent On Leaving
10. The Right To Remain Silent
11. Minor Setback
12. Atlanta
13. Ex-Gladiator

In 2007 Otis released their debut album. It was produced by Patrick Delabie & Vincent Koreman, and the front cover features John de Haas dressed up as a cop. These 3 ingredients, along with the 13 devastating noiserock / hardcore punk anthems on it make this a mighty fine first album. The press came up with comparisons to At The Drive-In, Refused, Snapcase, Fugazi and The Melvins and they were right on the money with that. Too bad the band itself was trying to sound like Queen. We got a few copies left so be quick if you still want to own one! If not, then just download it here:


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