11 February 2011

blckdth010: Going Down To The Basement

The B Sharps
"Going Down To The Basement" (2006)

01. Shooting At The Party
02. Keep Thinking Of You
03. Bikini Bandits
04. Come On Alright
05. Basement
06. I Did Your Mom
07. I Just Want You
08. Tonight
09. Still Got Your Picture
10. Biggest Store
11. I Did Your Mom [Karaoke Version]

This discography album contains 6 songs recorded at 195 plus 5 songs recorded at Rocketdog in Arnhem by Eppie Berzerker. The B Sharps' singer / guitarplayer Evert now drums for Dutch surflegends Beyond Lickin', the rest of the band fell of the grid. Evert is coming to Rockendale tomorrow to kick our asses at bowling so to get in the mood I'm posting this album here. If you dig the Ramones (who doesn't?) or Screeching Weasel you might wanna check it out:


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