29 January 2011

Hospital Beds

Hospital Beds
Demo (2006)

1. Bad Year
2. The Revelator
3. Tombs Boy
4. Shades Of Gray
5. Easy Pain
6. Vapor
7. End Latin

In 2006, when Envy The West was on a break, Antal & Pim Derene formed Hospital Beds with Hans Wilders (Stockholm Syndrome, Lugosi) and recorded this demo at Studio 195. I think they handmade 50 copies of it which are long gone, just like the band itself. They made some great music. Here it is:


21 January 2011

blckdth009: Otis & Daily Fire split 10"

Otis / Daily Fire
Split 10" (2006)

Side A: Daily Fire
01. Die Messenger Die
02. My Sweetest Revenge

Side B: Otis
01. Be That As It May
02. Spotting Wolverines

Somewhere near the end of 2005 we formed Otis, wrote a few songs, booked Studio 195 and released the outcome on a split 10" with our good friends Daily Fire from Leiden. Daily Fire died a violent death last year, and since they didn't release anything after this 10" it is now their belated swan song. To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of this record Black Death is gonna re-issue the thing with new artwork (pictured here) soon so keep an eye out for that. Meanwhile, check it: