27 December 2010

blckdth008: Galg En Rad EP

Stockholm Syndrome
"Galg En Rad EP" (2004)

01. Top Of The Food Chain
02. Holy War
03. We Remain Silent While Our Friendships Bleed To Death
04. A.M. Rodeo
05. Miner
06. Earth Not A Globe

In 2004 Stockholm Syndrome recorded nine songs at Studio 195. Six of them ended up on this EP which was supposed to be the first in a trilogy. The other titles we had lined up were "Pek En Veren EP" and "Schering En Inslag EP", but as soon as we released the first part the band ceased to exist. We still got a whole bunch of these CD's in stock and are selling them for practically nothing, so order it from our store or grab the MP3 files here for free:


23 December 2010

Access 2 Control

Ground Control
"Access 2 Control" (1996)

01. Bros B4 Hoes
02. Respect 2 Da Herb
03. Nuclear Meltdown
04. Circus Of Unsuccess
05. Decline
06. Da Truth In Contradiction

A while ago I posted Ground Control's "God Mode" EP from 1998. Two years before that EP came out they released a demotape and here it is. If you are in your 30's now, and you listened to Biohazard, Downset or Body Count when you were a teenager (wearing xxl baggy outfits) you will go nuts with this. Members are now in Otis, Textures and Men Of Mega. Thanks to Bart de Jong for dropboxing this shit:


22 December 2010

blckdth007: Folding Fangs

Envy The West
"Folding Fangs" (2004)

01. My Generation
02. For Real
03. Judas' Carriage
04. Cinnamon Hotel
05. The Letter
06. Blah Blah Universe
07. Half Seas Over
08. Beneath The Waves

The ideal record for this time of year. Envy The West's 2004 debut album is a unique mix of Palace Brothers, Slint, Calexico and Nick Cave, magnificently documented at Studio 195. They recently have returned from the grave and recorded a new album at the same spot so we got more coming in 2011. Until then check out this awesome album right here:


10 December 2010

Black Flag live in San Francisco 1982

Black Flag
"Live In San Francisco" (1982)

01. Scream
02. Revenge
03. I've Got To Run
04. My Rules
05. I've Heard It Before
06. Room 13
07. Depression
08. I've Had It
09. Nervous Breakdown
10. Jealous Again
11. Damaged I

In the current process of releasing the Black Flag tribute 7" (also check the previous post) I was browsing through my Flag collection and stumbled upon this awesome liveshow from 1982: Black Flag is playing two consecutive nights at the On Broadway club in San Francisco in their very short-lived lineup consisting of Rollins, Ginn, Cadena, Dukowski and Chuck Biscuits. Here is one of those two nights, raw as fuck but good sound quality:


08 December 2010

Songs From A Parallel Universe

Walker Diver
"Songs From A Parallel Universe" (2010)

01. The Model [Kraftwerk]
02. Nervous Breakdown [Black Flag]
03. Walking Up A One Way Street [Willie Tee]
04. Police Car [Larry Wallis]
05. Substitute [Clout]
06. Louise [Human League]
07. Androgynous [The Replacements]
08. Heaven [Talking Heads]
09. Outdoor Miner [Wire]
10. We've Got Airplanes [Guided By Voices]

With the Black Flag tribute 7" almost out (test presses have been approved and passed around) here's one of the songs for free already, and more. "Songs From A Parallel Universe" is a digital release by Walker Diver available from his website, and as of now also from this place right here. Stefan 't Hooft performed and recorded 10 cover songs all by himself over the course of last year. Like I said, "Nervous Breakdown" is on it, as well as superb renditions of songs from The Replacements, Wire and Kraftwerk to name a few. This is a great cover album, and you should definitely take the time to listen to it:


27 November 2010

blckdth006: History Has Taught Us Nothing

Stockholm Syndrome
"History Has Taught Us Nothing" (2003)

01. Hostage
02. History Has Taught Us Nothing
03. Zombie Nation
04. The Condition
05. Goals Are Set But Never Reached
06. A Moth To A Flame
07. Embedded In You
08. Nothing But Time
09. What Once Was A Line
10. Godforsaken Soil
11. Our Last Goodbye
12. Red Host

Still one of the finest releases in the Black Death catalogue. In 2003 Stockholm Syndrome and Studio 195 delivered 12 songs with awesome riffs, thought-through lyrics and a great sound. All in all 32 very exciting minutes of modern hardcore, heavily inspired by and compared to the likes of Refused, At The Drive-In, Botch, Rollins Band, Boysetsfire and even Thin Lizzy. It was their first and last full-length and with this album the band took off for real, touring Europe and opening for bands such as JR Ewing, Shai Hulud, Nine and The Hope Conspiracy. It was also the last release with bassist Jeroen who left the band to form Dead Rivers. Download it free or buy the cd, we got a few copies left:


22 November 2010

blckdth005: The Coffinkids

The Coffinkids
"The Coffinkids" (2002)

01. Rock 'N Roll Bootcamp
02. Disgruntled Postalworker
03. Out To Lunch
04. Turn Around
05. Kelly
06. Lean
07. Look Through Any Window
08. Police Academy Dropout
09. I'm In Rome
10. Rope

The Coffinkids formed in 1998 and split up in 2005. In between they recorded songs, played shows and drank beer. They did so in Holland (obviously) but also in some other countries like Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. They released a demotape in 1999, a split with Bob Miller in 2000, a full-length in 2002 and a bunch of songs on various compilations throughout the years. They also recorded a second full-length which never saw the light of day. I posted the split with BM here a couple of months ago, and here is that first full-length from 2002:


14 November 2010

Big Bucket O' Wings

"Big Bucket O' Wings" (1998)

1. Glued To You
2. Ralph Malph
3. Pizza Cats
4. Punks Vs. Scum
5. Doobie
6. Fuckin' A
7. L.O.P.
8. Blast-O-Me
9. Butt Seriously

Another dead band from current Envy The West / Otis / Lugosi etc etc members. In fact, this was their very first band. Grobbebol (don't let the crappy name fool you) was an awesome trio that played ultrafast and tight punkrock like NRA or early Hives or something. In 1998 they released this mindblowing demotape:


08 November 2010

Unborn To Be Wild

The Unborn
"Unborn To Be Wild" (2007)

01. Hot Flash
02. It's All Over
03. Hands Over Mouth
04. 'Em
05. Aids Party
06. Ghost Ship
07. Saturday Night Tyfus
08. Kids Did This
09. I'm Unwild
10. Girl Crazy
11. Punch You In The Babymaker
12. Unborn Olé Olé
13. Fools Idiots Freaks

Their second album: 13 minutes of more of the same but this time they also threw a little Tragedy and Sonic Youth in there, and "Ghost Ship" sounds like Slayer for 6-year-olds. Again recorded at 195 in no time, and also nominated for a Black Death vinyl re-release, probably when hell freezes over. Great album, steal it right here:


06 November 2010

Zero Fucken Inch

The Unborn
"Zero Fucken Inch" (2005)

01. Al Capone
02. Bad Seed
03. Rosemary
04. Another Kick In The Womb
05. Won't Work Anymore
06. Estée Louder
07. Cocorico Monsieur Poulet
08. Unborn In The USA
09. Horse's Mouth / Cry Baby Shit
10. John The Baptist
11. Caught Redhanded
12. Budget Cuts

The Unborn's first album contains 13 songs (the tracklist says 12, but track 9 contains 2 songs because nobody was paying attention during the mastering process) in less than 12 minutes, and was recorded and mixed in about a day at Studio 195. The result is this cacophony of Minor Threat and early Hüsker Dü played by a bunch of retards who can barely hold their instruments. The original Bano Records cd has been sold out forever but Black Death will someday re-release it on vinyl if all goes well (and to be honest, not a lot goes well with The Unborn) but until then you can grab it here for free:


01 November 2010

God Mode

Ground Control
"God Mode" (1998)

01. Am I Ignorant
02. God Mode
03. Remix Of Unsuccess
04. Art Of Insult
05. In Ruins
06. Spare The Tears

On a recent trip to France with Otis we were playing this ancient Ground Control CD on the car stereo and found out that these songs still sound great. Ground Control was a crossover hardcore band by the people that formed Textures and Otis years later, their "God Mode" EP here was recorded in 1998 at Studio 195. We still have some copies left in the store, and you can download the whole thing (including its epic ghost track) right here:


26 October 2010

Watch The Dead Rivers Swell With Blood

Bob Miller And The Nightmares
"Watch The Dead Rivers Swell With Blood" (2002)

01. A New Definition Of Flat Response
02. Counterclockwise
03. Send Me Back (To Rockendale)
04. Blood Of Butchers
05. Colombian Necktie
06. Disconnect
07. Tidal Wave Of Hate
08. Vesuvius Erupting
09. Morse Code
10. Arteries Out
11. Burn The Upper Class
12. Diet Of Worms

Before The Unborn, Lugosi, Envy The West, Beach Eater, Stockholm Syndrome, Hospital Beds, The Light Brigade, Half Mast and Otis we had Bob Miller And The Nightmares. We got together in 1998 and called it quits in early 2002, just a few weeks after completing the recordings of what was gonna become our first real album. Listening back to it after all these years I must admit it's still pretty good actually. It was recorded at Studio 195 and contains 37 minutes of hardcore noiserock, reminiscent of bands such as Refused and Breach. So, finally, here is "Watch The Dead Rivers Swell With Blood":


23 October 2010

blckdth003: Kill The Head And The Body...

Stockholm Syndrome
"Kill The Head And The Body Will Die" (2002)

1. Hide One's Diminished Head
2. Like Enemies, Like Slaves
3. Heading Towards Failure

Stockholm Syndrome's second 7" vinyl EP. Handmade sleeves that took forever to cut and fold. Last recordings with drummer Hans Wilders:


05 October 2010

Otis & The Unborn split tape

Otis / The Unborn
Split tape (2009)

Side A: Otis
01. Blood Money
02. Drunken Boat
03. Dead Air
04: Cast The First Stone

Side B: The Unborn
01. Horse's Mouth
02. Ghost Ship
03. Unborn In The USA
04. Unborn Toulouse
05. It's All Over
06. Al Capone
07. Girl Crazy
08. Aids Party
09. Unborn Olé Olé
10. I Don't Wanna
11. Kids Did This
12. Bad Seed
13. Budget Cuts
14 'Em
15. John The Baptist
16. Punch You In The Babymaker

In the summer of 2009 Brainwreck Records released a super-limited split tape (50 copies, in 6 different colors) between The Unborn and Otis. Both bands selected 15 minutes of greatest hits from their first 2 albums. Otis came up with 4 songs, The Unborn with 16 and even had a minute to spare. Both sides have got several surprises in the form of a porn radioplay from the sixties, bonus feedback, unreleased crap (like The Unborn's very first 195 recording "I Don't Wanna" from 2003!), the occasional acoustic version and some Will Ferrell. Zip file includes artwork so dust off your tapedeck and make your own bootleg copy:


02 October 2010

blckdth002: Godforsaken Soil

Stockholm Syndrome
"Godforsaken Soil" (2001)

1. Godforsaken Soil
2. Not Convinced
3. Caligula

At the end of the year 2000 we started this band and on June 14th 2001 we recorded our first three songs at Studio 195 in Wernhout NL. The 7" vinyl has been sold out for years but here you go:


27 September 2010

blckdth001: Black Death Of Rockendale

The Coffinkids / Bob Miller And The Nightmares
"Black Death Of Rockendale" (2000)

1. The Coffinkids - Lifetime Chaperone
2. The Coffinkids - The Modest Guy
3. The Coffinkids - Let Me In
4. Theme From Black Death
5. Bob Miller And The Nightmares - Lord Of The Undead
6. Bob Miller And The Nightmares - Profanity On Several Occasions
7. Bob Miller And The Nightmares - Slaughter My Kingdom

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of these recording sessions, and thus the start of Black Death Records, you can download the very first blckdth release below for free. Members went on to form bands such as The Unborn, Lugosi, Stockholm Syndrome, Envy The West, Beach Eater and Otis. Check it: