08 November 2010

Unborn To Be Wild

The Unborn
"Unborn To Be Wild" (2007)

01. Hot Flash
02. It's All Over
03. Hands Over Mouth
04. 'Em
05. Aids Party
06. Ghost Ship
07. Saturday Night Tyfus
08. Kids Did This
09. I'm Unwild
10. Girl Crazy
11. Punch You In The Babymaker
12. Unborn Olé Olé
13. Fools Idiots Freaks

Their second album: 13 minutes of more of the same but this time they also threw a little Tragedy and Sonic Youth in there, and "Ghost Ship" sounds like Slayer for 6-year-olds. Again recorded at 195 in no time, and also nominated for a Black Death vinyl re-release, probably when hell freezes over. Great album, steal it right here:


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