06 November 2010

Zero Fucken Inch

The Unborn
"Zero Fucken Inch" (2005)

01. Al Capone
02. Bad Seed
03. Rosemary
04. Another Kick In The Womb
05. Won't Work Anymore
06. Estée Louder
07. Cocorico Monsieur Poulet
08. Unborn In The USA
09. Horse's Mouth / Cry Baby Shit
10. John The Baptist
11. Caught Redhanded
12. Budget Cuts

The Unborn's first album contains 13 songs (the tracklist says 12, but track 9 contains 2 songs because nobody was paying attention during the mastering process) in less than 12 minutes, and was recorded and mixed in about a day at Studio 195. The result is this cacophony of Minor Threat and early Hüsker Dü played by a bunch of retards who can barely hold their instruments. The original Bano Records cd has been sold out forever but Black Death will someday re-release it on vinyl if all goes well (and to be honest, not a lot goes well with The Unborn) but until then you can grab it here for free:


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