05 October 2010

Otis & The Unborn split tape

Otis / The Unborn
Split tape (2009)

Side A: Otis
01. Blood Money
02. Drunken Boat
03. Dead Air
04: Cast The First Stone

Side B: The Unborn
01. Horse's Mouth
02. Ghost Ship
03. Unborn In The USA
04. Unborn Toulouse
05. It's All Over
06. Al Capone
07. Girl Crazy
08. Aids Party
09. Unborn Olé Olé
10. I Don't Wanna
11. Kids Did This
12. Bad Seed
13. Budget Cuts
14 'Em
15. John The Baptist
16. Punch You In The Babymaker

In the summer of 2009 Brainwreck Records released a super-limited split tape (50 copies, in 6 different colors) between The Unborn and Otis. Both bands selected 15 minutes of greatest hits from their first 2 albums. Otis came up with 4 songs, The Unborn with 16 and even had a minute to spare. Both sides have got several surprises in the form of a porn radioplay from the sixties, bonus feedback, unreleased crap (like The Unborn's very first 195 recording "I Don't Wanna" from 2003!), the occasional acoustic version and some Will Ferrell. Zip file includes artwork so dust off your tapedeck and make your own bootleg copy:


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