08 December 2010

Songs From A Parallel Universe

Walker Diver
"Songs From A Parallel Universe" (2010)

01. The Model [Kraftwerk]
02. Nervous Breakdown [Black Flag]
03. Walking Up A One Way Street [Willie Tee]
04. Police Car [Larry Wallis]
05. Substitute [Clout]
06. Louise [Human League]
07. Androgynous [The Replacements]
08. Heaven [Talking Heads]
09. Outdoor Miner [Wire]
10. We've Got Airplanes [Guided By Voices]

With the Black Flag tribute 7" almost out (test presses have been approved and passed around) here's one of the songs for free already, and more. "Songs From A Parallel Universe" is a digital release by Walker Diver available from his website, and as of now also from this place right here. Stefan 't Hooft performed and recorded 10 cover songs all by himself over the course of last year. Like I said, "Nervous Breakdown" is on it, as well as superb renditions of songs from The Replacements, Wire and Kraftwerk to name a few. This is a great cover album, and you should definitely take the time to listen to it:


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