04 February 2011

Car Chase EP

The Unborn
"Car Chase EP" (2011)

01. Car Chase
02. False Teeth
03. Kaputt

The Unborn's third album "Massavalpartij" will be out in a month or so. As a teaser to this release the band now gives you this free digital EP featuring a shitty editted version of the track "Car Chase" plus 2 never before released songs straight outta the vaults of Studio 195. All three songs are instrumental so I guess this is their "Process Of Weeding Out". This EP clocks in at 7 minutes all together while the new album barely lasts 10 minutes, so once again we have an Unborn release that makes no sense at all. Anyways, stay tuned for "Massavalpartij" (10 songs on a 7") later on, and grab this "Car Chase EP" including its super fancy artwork right here right now:


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