30 October 2011

Black Death 2011 Evaluation

Various Artists
"Black Death 2011 Evaluation"

01. Envy The West - All I Know
02. Walker Diver - Outdoor Miner
03. All On Black - Won't Last Forever
04. Beach Eater - Moves
05. All Star Galaxy - Forever Endeavour
06. Greyline - If Vanity Fades
07. The Light Brigade - Loosen The Knot
08. Otis - Stupidity Afloat
09. Specimen - Exercise
10. Screw Houston Start Screaming - Struggles In The Night
11. The Unborn - The Abortionists
12. Men Of Mega - John Stamos On Meth
13. Half Mast - Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie

In 2011 we released 8 records and we are crazy proud of each and every one of 'em. We got more releases planned so keep an eye out for us in 2012. Here is an overview of what we did this year plus previews of things to come. Half of the songs are taken from the official releases, the other half is unreleased material. We even threw in a few tracks by some good friends of ours that haven't even got decent Black Death releases out (yet) but fuck that. About 80% of this compilation is recorded at Studio 195 so y'all know this sounds great. Dig in:


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