21 January 2011

blckdth009: Otis & Daily Fire split 10"

Otis / Daily Fire
Split 10" (2006)

Side A: Daily Fire
01. Die Messenger Die
02. My Sweetest Revenge

Side B: Otis
01. Be That As It May
02. Spotting Wolverines

Somewhere near the end of 2005 we formed Otis, wrote a few songs, booked Studio 195 and released the outcome on a split 10" with our good friends Daily Fire from Leiden. Daily Fire died a violent death last year, and since they didn't release anything after this 10" it is now their belated swan song. To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of this record Black Death is gonna re-issue the thing with new artwork (pictured here) soon so keep an eye out for that. Meanwhile, check it:


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