30 September 2012

blckdth017: Some Mystery

Beach Eater
"Some Mystery" (2010)

01. Outghosted
02. Some Mystery Shit
03. Dead, Rabid
04. Moves

Antal Derene (The Unborn, Envy The West, Stockholm Syndrome, The Light Brigade) and Patrick Delabie (Studio 195, Mitch, Scoundrels, Half Mast) doing four awesome songs in the vein of Replacements, Big Star and Dinosaur Jr... This 7" is part of an awesome packagedeal right now! Download this one for free here (incl. 1 extra song that's not on the vinyl) and get the hard copy along with 4 more records for a ridiculous price via the other link down here:


04 September 2012

Righteous Pigs 1987

Righteous Pigs
1987 Demo + Live

01. Incontinent
02. Joint Effort
03. Celibate Tease
04. I Hope You Die In A Hotel Fire
05. Misconduct
06. Destined To Rot
07. Live '87

It looks like Righteous Pigs are reuniting for Maryland Deathfest 2013 which is pretty cool. I dug up their 1987 demotape and found a short live set from February that same year, recorded at the Elks Lodge in Las Vegas. Not exactly overproduced material to say the least, but surely awesome stuff. Zip file also includes some sick flyers. Get it here: