27 November 2010

blckdth006: History Has Taught Us Nothing

Stockholm Syndrome
"History Has Taught Us Nothing" (2003)

01. Hostage
02. History Has Taught Us Nothing
03. Zombie Nation
04. The Condition
05. Goals Are Set But Never Reached
06. A Moth To A Flame
07. Embedded In You
08. Nothing But Time
09. What Once Was A Line
10. Godforsaken Soil
11. Our Last Goodbye
12. Red Host

Still one of the finest releases in the Black Death catalogue. In 2003 Stockholm Syndrome and Studio 195 delivered 12 songs with awesome riffs, thought-through lyrics and a great sound. All in all 32 very exciting minutes of modern hardcore, heavily inspired by and compared to the likes of Refused, At The Drive-In, Botch, Rollins Band, Boysetsfire and even Thin Lizzy. It was their first and last full-length and with this album the band took off for real, touring Europe and opening for bands such as JR Ewing, Shai Hulud, Nine and The Hope Conspiracy. It was also the last release with bassist Jeroen who left the band to form Dead Rivers. Download it free or buy the cd, we got a few copies left:


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