27 December 2010

blckdth008: Galg En Rad EP

Stockholm Syndrome
"Galg En Rad EP" (2004)

01. Top Of The Food Chain
02. Holy War
03. We Remain Silent While Our Friendships Bleed To Death
04. A.M. Rodeo
05. Miner
06. Earth Not A Globe

In 2004 Stockholm Syndrome recorded nine songs at Studio 195. Six of them ended up on this EP which was supposed to be the first in a trilogy. The other titles we had lined up were "Pek En Veren EP" and "Schering En Inslag EP", but as soon as we released the first part the band ceased to exist. We still got a whole bunch of these CD's in stock and are selling them for practically nothing, so order it from our store or grab the MP3 files here for free:


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