26 October 2010

Watch The Dead Rivers Swell With Blood

Bob Miller And The Nightmares
"Watch The Dead Rivers Swell With Blood" (2002)

01. A New Definition Of Flat Response
02. Counterclockwise
03. Send Me Back (To Rockendale)
04. Blood Of Butchers
05. Colombian Necktie
06. Disconnect
07. Tidal Wave Of Hate
08. Vesuvius Erupting
09. Morse Code
10. Arteries Out
11. Burn The Upper Class
12. Diet Of Worms

Before The Unborn, Lugosi, Envy The West, Beach Eater, Stockholm Syndrome, Hospital Beds, The Light Brigade, Half Mast and Otis we had Bob Miller And The Nightmares. We got together in 1998 and called it quits in early 2002, just a few weeks after completing the recordings of what was gonna become our first real album. Listening back to it after all these years I must admit it's still pretty good actually. It was recorded at Studio 195 and contains 37 minutes of hardcore noiserock, reminiscent of bands such as Refused and Breach. So, finally, here is "Watch The Dead Rivers Swell With Blood":


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